16 Million Copies of ‘Minecraft’ for PC and Mac Sold To-Date

Sales of the PC and Mac versions of Minecraft have surpassed 16 million copies, according to developer Mojang's official site for the game. The impressive number is up from up from the 15 million copies the company revealed in April and the 14 million copies it announced in February.

Minecraft Pocket Edition sales surpassed 21 million units in April, while 12 million copies of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition had been sold as of February, according to Mojang's internal sales figures.

Minecraft for PS3 sales topped one million copies in the five weeks following the game's December 2013 release, though Mojang has not updated that figure in quite some time.

According to Mojang the game is approaching 54 million sales on all platforms combined in late June.

And no doubt when the game is released on PS Vita, PS4, and Xbox One in August, it will reach another major sales milestone.

Source: CVG

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