Join Us For a Live Stream Of Super Podcast Action Committee!

This Saturday, July 12th at 6:15p PST, Super Podcast Action Committee is going to live stream its 105th episode on Twitch TV and we'd love you to drop buy and hang out with us!

There will be a live chat running so it will be a lot easier to chat with EZK, myself and other viewers while we discuss super important topics like:

  • What the hell's wrong with EA?
  • Why does GameStop insist on ruining everything?
  • What the hell's wrong with EA?
  • Does a game like Mighty No. 9 really need a hundred grand for voice acting?
  • Seriously, what the hell's wrong with EA?

We'll even reveal the results of this week's poll: Has a Video Game Ever Made You So Mad You Broke the Controller? And I'll doubtless slip some Nintendo rant in there somewhere as well.

Fun for the entire family!

Make sure you direct your browser to at 6:15p PST this Saturday night to join in the fun.  If you're the forgetful type, follow my Twitch channel and you'll be sent an email when the show starts.

Hope to see you there!

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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