Netflix Performance on Verizon Continues to Decline in June

One would expect that – after signing a deal to get direct access to its customers – Netflix performance on various Verizon broadband Internet offerings would improve dramatically. That is not the case. According to Netflix's ISP speed rankings for the month of June, performance of its video streaming service on Verizon has seen a 17 percent decline in quality.

Verizon's FiOS broadband internet service saw a performance drop from 1.9Mbps in May to 1.58Mbps in June, a decline of around 17 percent. Verizon's DSL dropped from 1.05Mbps to 0.91Mbps, a decrease of 13 percent. Verizon FiOS previously dropped from 1.99Mbps in April to 1.9Mbps in May, while Verizon DSL had dropped from 1.08Mbps in April to 1.05Mbps in May.

Last week Verizon blamed Netflix for the problems with quality streaming, saying that the video company is sending traffic over congested links. While that might be true, Netflix agreed to pay Verizon for a direct connection to the ISP's network on April 28, but Verizon hasn't been able to set up enough links yet – which is where most of the problem seems to stem from. Verizon said that those connections will start rolling out incrementally this month and should be completely installed by the end of 2014.

Netflix performance is also getting worse on AT&T, though the company has no agreement with them at the moment. AT&T U-verse performance dropped from 1.7Mbps in May to 1.5Mbps in June, while AT&T DSL performance dropped from 1.26Mbps in May to 1.13Mbps in June. Netflix performance on Comcast dropped slightly, from 2.72Mbps to 2.61Mbps – Netflix inked a deal earlier this year to get direct access to its customers.

Cablevision, which agreed to give Netflix free connections to its network, leads major ISPs in the US with a rating of 3.03Mbps. The US average across all ISPs is 2.18Mbps.

Source: Ars Technica

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