Raspberry Pi Model B Revealed

The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced that it has upgraded its cheap micro computer to a new version called Model B+. Described as the "final evolution" of the first-generation Raspberry Pi, the new hardware comes with two more USB 2.0 ports, a microSD card reader and 14 more GPIO pins for a total of 40 on the board.

In adding these new features, the Raspberry Pi Foundation said that it had to make some sacrifices with the design: the layout may not fit cases people have bought for older models of the tiny computers and the composite video and audio ports have been merged into one port.

You can learn more about the new model in the video to your left or visit www.raspberrypi.org for more details.

One of the biggest challenges for the group has been its supply chain outside of the UK for the less-than-$40 micro computer. Hopefully ordering to delivery time windows have been reduced so that people aren't waiting months for their system to show up.

Source: Engadget

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