The Internet Association Asks The FCC For ‘Strong’ and ‘Enforceable’ Net Neutrality Rules

A group of more than two dozen companies doing business in the tech and Internet space have asked the Federal Communications Commission to create strong and enforceable net neutrality rules.

The companies, who are members of The Internet Association, include Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Netflix. The groups say that they want to prevent the segregation of the Internet into fast lanes and slow lanes because it would distort the market, discourage innovation and harm Internet users.

The FCC is taking public comments on a plan to allow ISPs to charge companies for faster access to customers. The FCC proposed and gave preliminary approval to a proposal put forth by chairman Tom Wheeler that allows "commercially reasonable" traffic management and paid prioritization in some cases.

"Applying uniform rules across platforms promotes predictability, confidence, and certainty for all," the group said.

The FCC's period for public comment on this issue is almost over.

Source: PC World

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