Nexon and Wargaming Back LVP Fund

Nexon and Wargaming, two juggernauts in the MMO gaming space, and Zynga CEO Don Mattrick have teamed up with UK-based investment fund London Venture Partners to create an early-stage seed fund.

Speaking to TechCrunch, LVP general partner Paul Heydon said that this fund is expected to make between 20 – 25 investments with an average investment of $500,000. The exact size of the fund was not disclosed, but the minimum investment will be $50,000. LVP has already made investments in Supercell, NaturalMotion and Unity, and it expects this fund to continue that focus on Europe – specifically the Nordic region.

"If you have the ability to start with less money and get going I think you've got more of an opportunity," Heydon said, pointing to mobile as the single most attractive games category for investors. "We're very interested in really humble entrepreneurs who just want to make something happen and they've got the right talent."

"It's really a bet on the team," he continued. "Do they have the right creative vision. Do they have the right ability to execute. Do they have the ability to attract great people to come work for them."

You can read more about it on TechCrunch.

Source: GII

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