GoodGamesWriting’s Pitch Jam and Crit Jam Underway

Good Games Writing has launched #PitchJam & #CritJam, a week-long celebration of games writing. The site claims that more than 150 writers have signed on to take part in the event, and more are expected to join in. To take part you have to RSVP.

So what is Pitch Jam and Crit Jam? Pitch Jam lets those who have a good idea for an article about gaming to "pitch it" to some of the top editors in games journalism including Greg Tito from The Escapist, freelancer Carli Velocci, former Polygon features editor Russ Pitts, Steve Watts of Shacknews, freelancer Richard Moss, Alan Williamson from Five Out of Ten, Susan Arendt from Joystiq, former Shacknews editor Andrew Yoon, freelancer Daniel Starkey, freelancer Patrick Lindsey, Kyle Orland from Ars Technica, Brian Shea from VideoGameWriters, freelancer Miguel Concepcion, Jenny McKeon from 151, Laura Dale from IndieHaven, and former GamesRadar editor Hollander Cooper.

You can get started by sending in your RSVP now.

Crit Jam allows writers to show off any piece of criticism that has been published in the last three calendar months to the expert panel OR an unpublished piece. Submissions will receive detailed feedback on the article during the weekend. The second part of Crit Jam is a writing contest where a theme will be given to write some type of criticism about during the Jam.

Of course, you must RSVP in order to participate.

You can learn more details about the event – including rules and basic guidelines, by visiting GoodGamesWiritng.

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