Rights Groups Urge President Obama to Veto CISA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and 35 other rights groups and organizations, companies, and security experts have banded together to roundly denounce the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA).

The groups sent a letter on Monday asking U.S. president Barack Obama to veto S. 2588 of 2014. The group's letter says that this new reincarnation of the failed CISPA bill from last year fails to offer a comprehensive solution to cybersecurity threats and "contains inadequate protections for privacy and civil liberties."

"Accordingly, we request that you promptly pledge to veto CISA."

The letter to the president also points out that "CISA presents many of the same problems that the Administration previously identified with CISPA in its veto threat" and that "privacy experts have pointed out how CISA would damage the privacy and civil liberties of users."

The EFF also takes issue with the bill's lack of privacy protections for internet users and allows for information sharing that could put journalists and whistleblowers in harm’s way. The bill also gives corporations immunity from lawsuits in return for freely sharing information with the government.

The full letter can be found here (PDF).

Source: Pan Am Post

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