Yogscast to ‘Yogventures’ Backers: We’re Not Obligated To ‘Do Anything’

Popular YouTube group Yogscast told Yogventures Kickstarter backers that developer Winterkewl Games "have stopped work on Yogventures – but this is actually a good thing." The Kickstarter, heavily promoted by Yogscast, raised $567,665 from over 13,000 backers.

"The project was proving too ambitious and difficult for them to complete with their six-man team," the email note. "While this was Winterkewl's project, we put a lot of time, energy and effort into trying to help them realise their dream. Since we heard the news, we've been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that you still get awesome stuff and cool experiences."

Eurogamer reports that a later email to backers from Yogcast tells backers that it is "under no obligation to do anything – instead we're going to do our best to make this right, and make you really glad you backed the project!"

So what are they doing to make it right to the 13,000 backers who pledged over half a million dollars? The group says that it is giving backer access to a different game called TUG, an open-world survival game that is currently being developed by Nerd Kingdom – who incidentally, signed an agreement with Yogscast to be partners on the project.

Earlier this week Yogscast announced a new initiative called YogDiscovery, whereby the group would promote a developer's game in return for a portion of its sales.

Source: Gamasutra, Eurogamer

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