Californian Republicans Take Aim at Democratic Scandals

Republicans in California have been relatively quiet about a trio of Democratic state legislators who have been in the news this year for various unethical and illegal behavior – but, according to Fresno Bee, that may be about to change.

Republican leadership in the state have begun throwing around the names of certain lawmakers who have either been charged with a crime or convicted.

"California Democrats right now are reeling from scandal, after scandal, after scandal," said Matt Walter, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, a national group that works to elect down-ballot GOP candidates.

Those Democrats include Leland Yee (pictured) and Ron Calderon – who have both been indicted on federal corruption charges (Yee, who is against virtual video game violence and real world gun violence, also has the dubious distinction of brokering an international gun smuggling deal with individuals in the Philippines). Another Democrat, Sen. Rod Wright, was recently convicted of perjury.

A spokesman for Assembly Democrats brushed aside any challenges from Republicans:

"As entertaining as the Republican Beltway bravado is, here on Planet Reality, California’s Democratic legislative candidates are running on their records of erasing the state’s deficit, turning around the economy, and making sure more than 1.6 million more Californians have the health care they deserve," said Steve Maviglio.

We'll continue to follow the political situation in California as it relates to Yee and bring you any developments as they become available.

Partisan politics aside, it seems that these Democrats who currently find themselves on the wrong side of the law have not had an impact on primaries or upcoming general elections. That could change depending on how smart Republicans are in utilizing these scandals.

Source: Fresno Bee

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