FiOS Customer Declares Verizon His ‘Enemy’ After Netflix VPN Test

Colin Nederkoorn, co-founder and CEO of e-mail software maker, has declared that Verizon has made an enemy of him. Why? Because Nederkoorn found after running a test that his Netflix ran a whole lot better on VPN than on his regular connection. Nederkoorn is a FiOS customer who pays for 75Mbps download speeds. He feels that Netflix is not the problem despite what Verizon has said about the video streaming service in the past.

"My hypothesis here was that by connecting to a VPN, my traffic might end up getting routed through uncongested tubes," he wrote on his blog. "Basically, if Verizon is not upgrading the tubes that go to Netflix, maybe I can connect to a different location (via VPN) first where Verizon will have good performance and there will be no congestion between location 2 and Netflix."

As the video to your left shows, Nederkoorn connects to VyprVPN and gets a 3Mbps stream, which is what Netflix recommends for standard definition video. This was "about 10x the speed I was getting connecting directly via Verizon," Nederkoorn wrote. The video also started up faster on the VPN.

"It seems absurd to me that adding another hop via a VPN actually improves streaming speed," he wrote. "Clearly it’s not Netflix that doesn’t have the capacity. It seems that Verizon are deliberately dragging their feet and failing to provide service that people have paid for. Verizon, tonight you made an enemy, and doing my own tests have proven (at least to me) that you’re in the wrong here."

Netflix agreed to pay both Comcast and Verizon for direct links to their networks this year. While performance on Comcast connections has improved substantially, Verizon's has not. Unfortunately for Verizon customers, the company claims that it will take until the end of this year to set up all the necessary links to Netflix.

Watch the video to your left to see the test. You can read Nederkoorn's blog post here.

Source: Ars Technica

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