Morning Joe Hosts Can’t Decide What’s Worse: An Imprisoned Former Panamanian Dictator or ‘Call of Duty’

The hosts of MSNBC's morning political talk show Morning Joe highlight what's wrong with reporting on video games via cable news. In a recent segment the show reported that former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega (who is currently in prison in Panama after serving prison time in the United States) has filed a lawsuit against Activision for use of his likeness in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

In that brief segment, hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough show that they know less about video games than a 90-year-old grandmother. At one point Mika says something so far outside the bounds of rational thinking that it is almost surreal:

"I honestly don't know who's more reprehensible, the people who would make a game like Call of Duty or Manuel Noriega," says Brzezinski.

Really? She doesn't know what's worse? A man backed by the CIA who killed his own people on a regular basis and helped move billions of dollars in drugs, who ran a country with an iron fist where banks facilitated the money laundering of billions of dollars from drug dealers in Miami and parts of South America… or a video game about war?

But Mika tops that comment with her next observation:

"Video games like that are damaging to the brain. Especially to the young people."

It sounds like something from a "man on the street" interview you see on local news – usually said by an 85-year-old white guy buying bread at the local grocery store…

This segment should be a wake-up call to cable news viewers that the hosts of Morning Joe (and other cable news channel morning shows) are unwilling to put any effort into researching topics they cover.

Source: Complex

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