Apple Store Employee Lawsuit Certified as a Class Action by Calif. Judge

A California judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed against the company by current and former Apple Store employees can be certified as a class action. Apple’s policies "made taking meal and rest breaks extremely difficult" and forced employees to work more than five hours without a break, noted California Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Prager in his decision to certify Felczer v. Apple, Inc. as a class-action lawsuit that covers an estimated 20,000 current and former Apple Store employees in the state.

The ruling comes in response to a 2011 lawsuit and follows a separate ruling in June in which a federal judge allowed Apple employees to pursue nationwide claims that accuse the company of failing to pay wages during "mandatory bag and technology inspections."

In his ruling Judge Prager noted that Apple employees had to wait until they were done helping each particular customer before they could go on break, creating what he described as a creating a "domino effect on the next … employee’s scheduled breaks," and resulting in many workers not receiving the meal or rest periods they were entitled to by law. The judge also pointed to a change in Apple policies in 2012 after the lawsuit was filed, as evidence of the company’s likely liability.

The federal case is on hold pending the outcome of Supreme Court case involving unpaid activities of Amazon warehouse workers.

You can read Judge Prager's decision here.

Source: GIGA OM

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