Video Standards Council Appoints New Chair

The UK video games regulator, the Video Standards Council (VSC) has appointed a new chair to take over from Baroness Shephard of Northwold who was appointed in 2005. The new Chair will be Tony Lake, who has served as a vice-chair for the organization since December 2009. According to the VCS, Tony Lake has an extensive background in law enforcement, having served for 36 years in the Police Service and working for five different police forces during his career. He spent the first 20 years of his career in the Metropolitan Police before transferring to the West Yorkshire Police in 1992 In 2010 he became an Assistant Chief Constable in Sussex and Deputy Chief Constable of the British Transport Police in 2000. He retired in 2009.

The VSC was established in 1989 to develop and oversee a code of practice designed to promote standards within the video/DVD industry. Since 2003 the VSC has been responsible for administering the PEGI system which now covers the UK and over 30 countries. In July 2012, the VSC was appointed as the UK statutory regulator for video games. The ratings arm of the VSC which undertakes this role is the Games Rating Authority (GRA), rates video games using the PEGI ratings system.

"It is a great privilege to follow on from Gillian Shephard. She provided exceptional leadership during some challenging times," Tony Lake said. "The work of the VSC is extremely important and the rating of games into their appropriate age categories is a big responsibility. I am really forward to taking on this role and working with such a professional team."

"Gillian Shephard has provided great support, encouragement and wise counsel to us during her long period in office and played a key role in developing the VSC to grow into its current prime role as rating authority for Video Games in the UK," said Iain Muspratt, Vice Chair of the VSC.

"We are sad to lose Baroness Shephard and wish her well in the future," added Director General of the VSC, Peter Darby. "She has been very inspirational throughout the time she has chaired the Video Standards Council. We look forward to working with Tony Lake as the new Chair. He has already shown during his time as Vice Chair that he has a full understanding of the work of the VSC and that he has the ability to further advance the organization in the future."

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