Report: EA Snuck SecuROM DRM in Free ‘The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection’

An investigation by Reclaim Your Game reveals that the new version of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection contains SecuROM, the notorious DRM. But the worst part is the fact that, while EA was giving away the game for free (because it is ending support for it) to anyone with an Origin account, it didn't bother telling anyone that the game contained this DRM scheme.

Ultimately Reclaim Your Game found that EA had put SecuROM Version 07.40.0009 in the free The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

You can find out all the details by visiting Reclaim Your Game and checking out screencaps and other data that confirms that EA snuck this DRM into the game without telling customers.

For those who have already installed it and the Origin client, Reclaim Your Game also offers some handy dandy instructions on how to get it all off your PC.

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  1. 0
    Lisa Pham says:

    It doesn't matter if they were just too lazy to remove it or not… the fact that it's in there without notification (disclosure) to their customers (gamers) is the problem here.

    And it's not that hard to remove SecuROM from a game before giving it away… A game they will be selling from the store some time after the free period ends.

    But, seriously, what part of a court agreement don't they get? 

  2. 0
    Neeneko says:

    To be fair, it is difficult to get a budget for dev and testing time to make actual changes to an application right before it is released 'for free'

  3. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    I fail to understand exactly what form of logical thought process was behind placing SecuROM "protection" in a game that is legitimately being giving away for free.

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