Administration Official: President Does Not Support CISA In Its Current Form

President Barack Obama will not support the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 (PDF) recently passed by the Senate, according to a senior White House official speaking on background to Information Security Media Group.

According to that official, the President would need to see more privacy and civil liberties protections in the bill in order to support it. The White House has not come out with a position on this particular bill, but the sentiments from the unnamed Obama Administration official echo the President's previous positions on CISPA. The White House threatened to veto CISPA last year for the same reasons.

"Given some issues that the privacy community has raised, we need to take that into account as we … work on the bill," the senior official said.

That same official goes on to say that the White House hasn't given up on CISA yet and is talking with lawmakers about it to get some of the privacy and civil liberties protections in the bill.

Source: Information Security Media Group

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