Gust Co. To Be Absorbed by Parent Company Koei Tecmo

Atelier developer Gust Co. will be absorbed into its parent company, Koei Tecmo, and renamed "Gust Nagano Development Group." The developer behind the popular JRPG series was acquired in December of 2011, but was allowed to operate as a separate entity under the auspices of Koei Tecmo.

But now Koei Tecmo says that "efficiency in game development and technology" are the main reasons for bringing the studio into its system.

Gust Co. will cease to exist on October 1 and will be rebranded as "Gust Nagano Development Group," but will continue to work on the Atelier series of JRPGs and other properties.

Gust Co. also developed the JRPG series Mana Khemia and Ar tonelico.

Source: GII

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