‘Robocraft’ Sees Big Boost from Steam Early Access

Free-to-play MMO shooter Robocraft has managed to surpass one million registered players since its release on Steam Early Access. While an early build of the game was available prior to being released on Steam's Early Access, developer Freejam says that putting it on Steam has helped drive the game's user base significantly.

"We jumped from 20,000 users per day, to 100,000 users per day, pretty much overnight,” Freejam game director Mark Simmons told Develop. "From 2,500 online fighting at the same time dropping lower in early morning to 12,000 users online fighting 24/7. Let's just say we've been doing a lot of fire-fighting over the last few weeks to keep the servers coping, but we're on top of it now."

In April the game had managed to hit the 300,000 registered player mark. Since that time it has attracted around 700,000 more users, or 175,000 new users per month on average.

"We felt by going on Early Access the Steam community would be more comfortable with the changes to the game mechanics as we try things out," he continued.

The game is best described as "Minecraft meets World of Tanks," which is a pretty decent way of describing any game capable of tapping into those two popular genres. The game was made available on Steam July 8.

You can find out more about Robocraft by visiting its Steam Early Access page.

Source: Develop

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