Ex-Precursor Games Developer Sentenced for Child Pornography Charge, Faces More Charges Next Month

Former Silicon Knights director and Precursor Games co-founder Kenneth McCulloch has been sentenced to "time served" by the Ontario Court of Justice on a 2013 charge for "making child pornography available," according to this Polygon report – citing a report from the Welland Tribune. According to that publication, McCulloch pled guilty to the charge and was given a sentence of time served, or 12 months. McCulloch has been in jail since he was arrested in June of last year. As part of his sentencing, he will be put on a sex offender registry for the next 20 years and can not have contact with anyone under the age of 16.

But McCulloch's legal troubles are far from over; Niagara Regional Police added additional charges while he was in jail including "sexual assault, forcible confinement and sexual interference." McCulloch remains in jail and is scheduled to return to court to face these new charges next month.

The Welland Tribune report goes on to describe, in rather graphic detail, that McCulloch had "videos and images of young pre-pubescent boys engaged in sexual activity with adult women" on his computer." Obviously McCulloch has been accused of even more heinous crimes if you read through the previous list of new charges.

When news broke that McCulloch had been arrested for the initial charge in June of last year, Precursor Games (a company formed by McCulloch and other former Silicon Knights employees) distanced themselves, and announced that he was no "no longer affiliated in any way" with the company.

We will have more on this story as details become available.

Sources: Polygon, Welland Tribune

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