Koch Media Buys ‘Homefront’ from Crytek

Koch Media and its publishing label Deep Silver announced that they have acquired the Homefront brand and all related assets from Crytek. The deal encompasses all things Homefront-related including the latest game in the series that was being developed by Crytek UK – Homefront: The Revolution. The game will continue to be developed in the newly formed Nottingham-based Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

"We are thrilled to see another great IP joining the Deep Silver universe," said Koch Media's Dr. Klemens Kundratitz. "We strongly believe in the potential of Homefront: The Revolution and trust in the new team to continue the path we have been walking in the last years."

While the deal highlights the fact that the Homefront franchise – which Crytek bought from THQ after it went bankrupt – will live on, it does not disclose how much it cost Koch Media to get it. Another unknown is what will happen to the developers at Crytek who were working on the game; Koch Media did not disclose if any former Homefront developers either currently still employed at Crytek UK or who left in the last month or so would be joining the company to continue working on it.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

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