Report: Employees Left Crytek’s U.S. Studio Last Week

This afternoon Crytek USA announced that it had closed its Texas-based development studio and moved the development of the free-to-play co-op shooter the studio was working on – Hunt: Horrors of the Guilded Age – to its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Earlier in the day it was revealed that the company sold the Homefront franchise to Koch Media and had shut down its UK studio.

But what the company didn't announce is that many of the developers that were working on its free-to-play game in Texas already left. At least that's what sources familiar with the situation are telling media outlets like Kotaku. According to Kotaku, a majority of the studio's 30 – 35 employees left last week because of problems with getting paid.

There have been multiple reports over the last several months concerning financial problems at Crytek and today's sale of Homefront, the closure of the company's UK studio, and the mess in the U.S., are indicators that there's some serious problems going on within the company.

Kotaku has more particulars on the Texas studio shutdown here. Crytek has not responded to this and other stories about financial problems as of this writing.

Source: Kotaku

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