Developer ‘Other Ocean’ Teams Up With ESA for Anti-Piracy Game

Developer Other Ocean and trade group the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) have launched a mobile title today called "Save The Game" at the Crime Museum in Washington D.C.

The game focuses on the thorny issue of software piracy and the ways in which the ESA and game developers claim it damages "the livelihoods of independent software developers." After its run at the Crime Museum, the game will be made freely available to the public on Windows RT, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

According to the ESA, the game lets players jump into the role of an independent developer and law enforcement officers fighting against the scourge of software piracy. The game features resource management elements and match-three gameplay.

Players have the option of choosing to play as either Special Agents or indie game developers. Special Agents attempt to apprehend pirates, while indie developers attempt to create games while stopping pirates from stealing their resources.

"Save The Game is mainly about opening a dialogue, and attempting to teach people how pirating software can affect the industry," says John Mathis Other Ocean Producer. "We believe it’s a great way to address these important issues in interactive form."

For more information on the Crime Museum, and the exhibit this game is a part of, check out

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