Sony’s PlayStation Now Goes Public Beta Today

Sony's game rental service, PlayStation Now, will roll out in a public beta beginning today and games (100 of them will be available from 50 publishers) will be priced at $2.99 for four hours of play, $5.99 for seven days, $7.99 for 30 days, and $14.99 for 90 days.

But Jack Buser, senior director of PlayStation Now, emphasized that this pricing scheme is not set in stone and will likely change when the service has a full launch later this year. Speaking to Polygon at length, Buser called the open beta the "early days" of the service and said that Sony will make adjustments to pricing along the way. In fact, he said that the "$2.99 for four hours of play" pricing scheme will be changed to $1.99 for four hours of play – for select content.

More importantly, and probably a better value for most consumers in the long run, Buser says that Sony is working hard to bring a subscription option to the rental service. That subscription may tie into PlayStation Plus or be a separate service but similar in nature.

Ultimately Buser stressed again that the service is in its "early days" and that Sony would welcome any feedback during the public beta…

Source: Polygon

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