MLB Comes Out Against FCC’s ‘Fast Lanes’ Plan

In a recent filing with the FCC, Major League Baseball comes out strongly against allowing for Internet fast lanes. In its statement MLB (through its BAM division) says that fast lanes only serve on singular purpose: to give ISPs a "windfall."

"Fast lanes would serve only one purpose: for Broadband ISPs to receive an economic windfall. American consumers would be worse off as the costs of fast lanes are passed along to them in new fees or charges where there were none, or higher fees or charges where they existed," MLB said.

"Fast lanes would create new economic barriers for start-up entrepreneurs and innovators that have been critical to the growth of the Internet economy. As bad, since fast lanes would necessarily mean there are slow lanes, they would amount to ‘picking winners and losers online,’ with Broadband ISPs acting as fast lane ‘gatekeepers,’ precisely the opposite of the Commission’s past policy," the company added.

The company goes on to say that the FCC would be "rolling the dice" with "commercially reasonable" fast lanes, and wonder how regulations related to this practice could be adequately enforced.

The full letter can be found here (PDF).

Source: BGR (image from 2K Games' MLB 2K12)

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