RI Judge: General Treasurer Must Give a Deposition in 38 Studios Lawsuit

A Rhode Island judge ruled on Friday that the state's current General Treasurer, Gina Raimondo, must submit to a deposition in the 38 Studios lawsuit filed by the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation. The lawsuit is the state's attempt at recouping money from the failed $75 million state loan guarantee given to Curt Schilling's video game company in 2010.

Raimondo was not in office when the deal with 38 Studios was finalized in 2010 and she opposed it when she was running for general treasurer. Now, she's running for governor – which would be one of the reasons for her reluctance to be tangled up in a case that turns Rhode Islanders' stomachs.

So why is she being forced to testify in the case by a court order? Because the lawyer for former EDC executive director Keith Stokes wants to question Raimondo about communications she had with the agency when she was a candidate. Raimondo's lawyer offered to let their client answer written questions, but Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein on Friday said she must submit to a deposition.

Lawyers for defendants in the case also want to depose Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who opposed the deal as an independent candidate for Governor.

Source: The Republic

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