XBMC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

August 1, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Tired of being associated with the Xbox brand, the makers of XBMC will be changing the name of their flagship product to "Kodi." The name change will occur officially with the launch of the next update - version 14.

XBMC is an open-sourced media center and playback app project originally launched in 2002 as a way to simplify media playback on the original Xbox. Over the years the software has evolved to support media management and playback services on a number of platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux, Apple TV and Android.

So why the name change? XBMC is tired of the association with the Xbox brand and the questions about support for Xbox platforms:

"Users persisted in posting in our forums, comments on news sites, and in social media that XBMC meant 'Xbox Media Center,' no matter how hard we tried to convince them otherwise," XBMC Foundation project manager Nathan Betzen told GIGA OM. "And as a result, we would invariably be asked the question, 'When are you going to support the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One?'"

The most fascinating thing about all of this? The software barely runs on the original Xbox these days and has never worked with Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

You can learn more about it at xbmc.org.

Source: GIGA OM

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Re: XBMC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

this is okay but playing Minecraft on Xbox-360 sounds good to me but I think I am going to play something else in this year. Some strategic games will be good now.

Re: XMBC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

Article title has the letters re-arranged to 'XMBC'  hehehehe.

Re: XMBC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

Good catch.  Fixed.


Andrew Eisen

Re: XMBC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

Until about 6 months ago, i also thought it was the XBOX Media Center. I was corrected.

XB means Cross Bar (XBar) Right?

Re: XMBC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

No it really was X-Box media center to begin with. then they evolved and completely dropped support for the original Xbox which is being maintained by the xbox mod community entirely now.  XBMC kept it's acronym name but stopped doing anything related to Consoles for the most part.

Re: XMBC To Be Renamed 'Kodi' in Next Update

No. If that's what they claim now, they're just making that up to get people to stop asking them about xbox stuff.

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