‘Flappy Birds’ Returns – But Only For Amazon Fire TV

Vietnam-based indie developer Dong Nguyen's popular mobile title, Flappy Birds, has returned with a new title, but it is only available via the Amazon Fire TV set-top box/micro console. While the core gameplay of the game – flying a goofy bird through pipes and ghosts – remains intact, the game does offer some new features such as multiplayer, Person vs Person mode, more obstacles, and (apparently) more challenging gameplay. The game supports the Amazon Fire TV remote and the compatible controller.

Back in May of this year Nguyen promised that the game would be back in circulation. Earlier in the year he took the game offline over personal concern that it was too addictive to fans.

You can find the game, which is called "Flappy Birds Family," here. The game only works with Amazon Fire TV – and not any other Android device include Amazon's Kindle range of Android devices or the new Fire Phone.

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