Report: GameStop Changing Game Trade-In Program

Video games retailer GameStop is revamping its game trade-in program in a way that will ultimately put more money in consumers' pockets. According to a report on Kotaku (based on a leaked internal memo sent to employees), the new system will officially launch on Aug. 18 and will vastly simplify the retailer's current trade-in program. In fact, GameStop doesn't even want to call it a trade-in program anymore, instead directing employees to ask customers if they want to "buy" or "sell."

But the most important thing for consumers is that this new and supposedly less-complicated system will give you a little more value than before. The new system will increase buyback payments by around 20 percent. Trade-in credit and cash will now be offered at a flat rate, eliminating the bonuses for pre-orders or promotions as well. Trade-in credit and cash values will be better for those with a Power Up Rewards membership, according to the report.

GameStop has not confirmed the validity of this memo.

Source: Kotaku

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