Shovel Knight Developers Detail First Month Sales

Yacht Club Games, the makers of the ultra popular Shovel Knight, have revealed some interesting details about crowdfunding the game, the rough patch of living they had to endure while making the game, and the most recent sales figures. First the sales numbers: Shovel Knight has sold 180,000 copies in its first month, with around 15,000 going to Kickstarter backers and the press. The company expected to sell a total of 150,000 units. The Wii U version of the game is not available outside the U.S. yet either.

The blog post also reveals that 64 percent of Kickstarter backers said they wanted the game to be released on PC, with 15 percent saying they wanted it on Wii U, and 21 percent asking for it on 3DS. Yacht Club Games says that those numbers evened out once the game hit eShop and Steam, with Nintendo platforms accounting for 60 percent of total sales in the first month.

But not everything was sunshine and roses because Shovel Knight missed its original March 31 release date by nearly three months. This left the indie development studio with a very small budget and its employees living hand-to-mouth. Here's how they describe that time:

"We ended up operating for five months without money or payments to the team here," the studio said in its sales breakdown. "It was a difficult period, where some of us were awkwardly standing in front of cashiers having our credit cards declined, drawing from any possible savings, and borrowing money from our friends and family. But we made it to the other side!"

Now that the studio has made its way out of the woods and found success it is focusing on localizing the game for several markets and working on its promised stretch goals, including an interesting feature that will let players experience the entire campaign as one of two boss characters.

You can read the entire blog post here.

Source: CVG

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