Twitch Muting Video That Contains Copyrighted Audio

Twitch is making preparations for something big, and while some of those changes don't impact broadcasters and viewers all that much, the latest action by the video game streaming service will make a lot of people mad.

The prevailing rumor is that Twitch will be acquired by Google through its YouTube division later this year for $1 billion or more. And while both Google and Twitch have not publicly talked about the deal, Twitch has done a few things this week that would indicate it is getting its house in order.

Earlier this week it announced that it had shut down the company that spawned it – streaming service Following that announcement, the company revealed that it was changing the way streamers could archive content and that it would make it easier to export video to YouTube.

But the latest move by Twitch is the most troubling and problematic of all for both streamers and viewers; Twitch has decided that any content that contains copyrighted audio will be muted. This copyrighted audio could include the use of unauthorized music – including music that might have been licensed for a particular game. The music or audio in question relates to the clients of a company called Audible Magic, a music matching and recognition service.

While this latest move is deeply troubling for viewers and content creators, many in the community are gravely concerned that if Twitch is bought by YouTube it will switch to the service's much-hated and extreme Content ID system which allows companies to take down videos in the blink of an eye over copyright infringement claims.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

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    Greg Bullmer says:

    I'm still waiting for the technology that erases your memory when you think about content. That catchy tune stuck in your head? ERASED, because you didn't pay 99¢ each time you thought of it. Recalling your favorite scene from this summer's huge blockbuster movie? GONE, since you didn't give some studio $10 for another movie ticket. If you want to experience it again, don't imagine it, PAY FOR IT AGAIN!!!

    Copyright is stupid.

  2. 0
    Craig R. says:

    This is why the MIAA needs to die a quick but painful death. There's no thought behind their actions, only how much misery they can cause in the name of profit.

  3. 0
    grenaid says:

    This makes no sense for streams. No one goes to twitch to pirate music. It’s almost impossible to pull it out of a stream.

    Also, muting destroys the most valuable part of twitch: commentary on the gaming itself. Talk about spitting on new content to maybe appease old a bit. THE COMMENTARY IS FAR MORE VALUABLE, TO TWITCH AND VIEWERS ALIKE.

  4. 0
    Technogeek says:

    Fortunately, thus far, they aren't doing anything about music played during the live streams. Still, it'd be nice if they were able to find a way to not automute music that's part of the game itself. (Admittedly, that might get a bit complicated with games that included licensed music, such as the Saints Row series.)

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