Crytek CEO Admits They Made Mistakes

In a lengthy interview with Eurogamer, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli goes over all of the recent controversies surrounding the company including its finical stability, not paying employees on time, and selling off the Homefront IP to Koch Media.

On staff not being paid on time, Yerli said that Crytek had to make a hard choice between delaying pay and keeping the doors opened. He also emphasized that while payments may have been delayed, employees were eventually paid what they were owed.

"You have two choices, right? Either you delay payments – again delay… it's not that they didn't get paid, they got delayed – delay payments and salvage the company. Or, you push your cash flow directly to the studios and you file for insolvency. Both options are really bad. So you have to make the better of the two bad decisions."

Yerli also admitted that they made a lot of mistakes:

"We make mistakes," he added later. "We are human. We wake up, go to our job, eat like everybody else, then go to sleep. In general we are flawed."

Finally, Yerli said that even as they sold off the Homefront IP to Koch Media they still believed in and continue to believe that it is a worthwhile franchise.

"We believe in Homefront," he said. "It's a great game and we still believe in it. But we made a deal with Koch we felt comfortable with as a strategic sale of the asset, which everybody comes out of in a win/win position."

You can check out the full interview on Eurogamer.

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    prh99 says:

    I am pretty sure pay is not something management can unilaterally suspend if they expect the employees to keep working. If my boss told me he was delaying my pay a month, I’d tell him I’ll see you in a month then. During which time I’d look for a new job.

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    TheSeg says:

    Can we talk about this quote?

    I was surprised and upset a little bit that the intention of us keeping together everybody upset a few of them. But I understand that situation. Some people live in very tight financial planning. That's their own privacy. They can do whatever they want. Those guys, when they get under pressure it can become emotional. We tried to individually help out. Like if somebody gets in trouble they can talk to us directly so they don't get under pressure. We tried whatever we could do. But you can't make it right for everybody.

    I don't know the particular laws in every place Crytech has staff, but I'm pretty sure that not getting paid for work — especially for a two month span — is highly illegal. To call your staff "emotional" on labor law strikes me as the bigger lead line of this interview.

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