Hitbox Says It is Time to Switch From Twitch

Game streaming service Hitbox took a few hard shots at competitor Twitch this week after the service implemented new copyright rules and changed the way streamers can archive content.

In a blog post deriding Twitch and promoting its own service (of course), Hitbox said that forcing a 30 second or more delay on streams and applying its new automated copyright enforcement system on VODs is a "slap in the face of everyone who tries to share their passion for gaming with the world."

The rest of the post is a sales pitch to the game streaming community claiming that its service is fast, easier to use and does not contain an "automated copyright protection muting your memories."

You can read the entire post here.

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    prh99 says:

    The delay alone is reason enough to switch, if you bring anyone in via skype. You practically have to screen share in Skype if you want to allow your guest to provide any sort of timely commentary on the game. All that pro-gamer stuff must drain resources, leaving us “filthy casuals” (sarcasm btw) the scrapes. The automated copyright system is just annoying and poorly implemented.

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