Poll: Is Leland Yee Guilty?

August 8, 2014 - Andrew Eisen

Leland Yee, best known to GP readers as the California state senator who wasted over 1.3 million tax payer dollars in a failed bid to introduce a law that would criminalize the sale of particularly violent video games to minors, was arrested earlier this year and brought up on federal racketeering charges.

Yee is accused of a bunch of unsavory deeds ranging from soliciting bribes in exchange for political favors to attempting to broker an arms deal.

Click here to read all the latest dirt on Yee if you need a refresher.

All caught up?  Good.  So, did he do it?  Is he guilty?  Vote in the poll and let us know!

Come back here Saturday night at 7p PST and EZK and I will discuss this topic and several others on a live stream of Super Podcast Action Committee.  In the meantime, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Poll: Is Leland Yee Guilty?

yes hes guilty and deserves everything he gets for trying to hurt gaming and not giving a sh*t about it. cant wait till hes convicted, gonna be great...

Re: Poll: Is Leland Yee Guilty?

Need an option on the poll for "I'll let the courts decide."  While free speech is certainly a freedom, the right to have a fair trial free of preconceptions of guilt or innocence is also a freedom.

- Left4Dead Why are zombies always eating brains? I want to see zombies that eat toes for a living. Undead-related pun intended.

Re: Poll: Is Leland Yee Guilty?

In addition, the case at hand has nothing to do with video games.

Re: Poll: Is Leland Yee Guilty?

Agreed. While I'll enjoy my slide of the schadenfreude pie along with everyone else if and when he is found guilty, I'm not on the jury, and I don't know all the admissible evidence. Beyond that, I am dubious about my ability to review the evidence impartially, given my opinion of Yee.

All that said, I think the things of which he is accused would not be out of character for him, based on his public actions that we are aware of.

Re: Poll: Is Leland Yee Guilty?

None of us are part of said trial, so we're free to make predictions based on the facts at hand.

And the facts at hand indicate that he is guilty and a hypocrite.

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