Twitch Adds Appeal Button to Videos Affected By Automated Copyright Enforcement System

After a rather tumultuous and contentious Reddit AMA yesterday featuring Twitch CEO Emmett Sheer, a new blog post from Twitch VP of Marketing & Communications Matthew DiPietro announces a couple of changes.

These changes are in response to lots of questions and comments during the AMA. They include a change to the length of highlight segments created from stored streams (they can be any size), and a new "appeal" button when a video has a copyright claim filed against it.

Below is the full statement from DiPietro:

Over the last two days, you’ve provided us with an incredible amount of feedback about the new Video Manager, VOD storage, and Audio Recognition system. We take your opinions very seriously, and we’re acting on your concerns.

First, effective tonight, the maximum time limit on highlights will be removed. You will once again be able to create highlights of any length and they will be saved indefinitely.

Secondly, we’re deploying an “appeal” button for VODs that have been flagged for copyrighted music by the new Audio Recognition system. We recognize that the system is not yet perfect. We want to make this system as fair and unobtrusive as possible, and we greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you again for all of your comments, tweets, emails, messages, and for taking part in Emmett’s AMA. We read all of your feedback and we take it seriously. Expect more changes, more clarity, and more improvements on our recent updates in the days to come.

Twitch did not explain in great detail how the appeals process works, how long it takes on average to clear up a false-positive from the automated copyright claim system, etc. Hopefully it can build a system that balances the needs of rights holders with the rights of streamers.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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