Zynga Has a Bad Second Quarter

August 8, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Social and mobile game maker Zynga posted a $63 million net loss for the second quarter of FY 2014. The company reported non-GAAP quarterly revenues of $153 million, with non-GAAP profits of $3 million - a bit better than the $6 million loss for the same period a year ago. Bookings, or virtual item sales, were $175 million, down 7 percent from the same period a year ago.

Zynga also reduced its full-year guidance on bookings to be between $695 million and $725 million, down from an earlier guidance between $770 million to $810 million.

While Zynga's performance during the quarter that ended in June was less-than-stellar the company has high hopes for several new partnerships that were announced after its latest  financial results were released.

The company announced a new licensed sports category featuring both the National Football League and Tiger Woods. The first game to come out of its deal with the NFL is "NFL Showdown," which is available today on mobile devices.

Tiger Woods will be the star attraction in Zynga's new golf games, as part of a multi-year with the golf pro. The first Tiger Woods game will be for mobile, and is still in the early stages of development. It is expected to launch in 2015.

Both will be available under the new Zynga Sports 365 range.

Source: Gamasutra


Re: Zynga Has a Bad Second Quarter

good, screw zynga/don mattrick.


long live xbox

Re: Zynga Has a Bad Second Quarter

I really wish the free to play with in-app purchases model would collapse. It has pretty much turned me off mobile gaming. Everyone wants to cash in, and some will resort to out right theft or at very least bait and switch i.e Rovio and Tiny Thief.

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