‘God of War’ Scribe Says Post Apocalyptic Game Stories are a Reflection Of Real World Tribulations

The popularity of games set in post apocalyptic worlds is a reflection of a real world full of troubles according to God of War II scribe Marianne Krawczyk. Speaking to Gamasutra recently, Krawczyk said wars, conflicts, climate change, and other trials and tribulations facing the citizens of the world are influencing writers and gamers.

"With climate change, revolutions starting every other day, YouTube beheadings, corporations being recognized as people, massive oil spills, etc, etc, etc., I think it’s very easy to feel small and powerless," Krawczyk said in an interview posted to Gamasutra. "So one take on why the post-apocalyptic world is resonating with people is that it’s a reflection of our own troubled times and, more to the point, the lack of control that we have over what is happening. It just seems like it’s a matter of time before we are there in some way or another."

Krawczyk also said that, while these types of games are often grim, there is also a fair measure of optimism contained within.

"When we take this very human condition and manifest it in a world where you get to play, shoot stuff and take back some of the control that we currently lack, it makes sense to me these games/stories resonate," she said.

While Krawczyk may be better known for her work on the God of War series, she has worked on quite a few high profile IPs including Prince of Persia series, Far Cry, and Skylanders. Currently she is teaching a course at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television’s Professional Programs called Interactivity: A Course in Video Game Design and Development.

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