Rick Perry Mentions Video Games as Care Givers in Iowa Speech

2008 Republican presidential candidate and current governor of Texas Rick Perry used some interesting language in a speech at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa on Saturday. Perry seems to be throwing out hints about a possible run at the presidency in 2016. In his speech Perry said that he is ready to be sent "somewhere."

"Here am I. Send me," Perry said in a speech at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames on Saturday, quoting from the book of Isaiah. "That is your challenge. That is our challenge."

But the next part of his speech is interesting because it deals with his assertion that children are being raised by video games and not parents:

"If you're concerned about the family unit in America today, about children that are raised by video games and parents that are shuffling from job to job, then stand in the gap and proclaim, 'Here am I! Send me!'" Perry continued, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Perry went on to say that values would be legislated but whose values remains an open question.

The narrative coming from Perry is interesting because the same video games he mentions in his speech are made by some companies who enjoy the benefits of a pro-games industry tax system. Perry has never shied away from the fact that his state is a popular destination of the industry because his administration has worked hard to draw them there with tax breaks.

You can check out Perry's speech here.

Source: Huffington Post


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