‘Papers, Please’ Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Lucas Pope's grim border patrol simulation, Papers, Please is not only coming to the PlayStation 4 but the PS Vita as well. Papers, Please was just one of several indie titles that Sony highlighted yesterday during its Gamescom PlayStation press briefing. The news comes from PlayStation strategic content speaker Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who confirmed the upcoming Vita version on Twitter.

In Papers, Please players take on the role of an agent at a border crossing who is charged with approving or rejecting entry into their country – sometimes producing grim and bloody events to occur.

If Ahmad has somehow misspoken about the Vita version he certainly hasn't taken the time to correct himself, so we're going to assume that the Vita version is legit and in the works. Here's exactly what he said on Twitter:

No word on exactly when the game will come to Vita or if it will feature an new or exclusive content.

Source: Eurogamer

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