Robin Williams to be Immortalized in World of Warcraft

A petition on asking that comedian Robin Williams be immortalized as a character in World of Warcraft has caught the attention of Blizzard Entertainment.

The petition calls for Blizzard to add Robin Williams as a non-playable character that tells his best jokes in the World's End Tavern within the game. Within 24 hours of the petition being online it managed to garner 10,975 signatures. More importantly, it caught the attention of Blizzard.

When members of Blizzard were asked if they had seen the petition on Twitter, World of Warcraft Technical Game Designer Chadd Nervigg said that the company is already working on it:

Robin Williams committed suicide after a long battle with depression. His body was found in his home on August 11. Williams was an avid gamer and a hardcore World of Warcraft player. He often talked about playing the game in interviews and his non-gaming friends' reaction to his hobby.

If you are suffering from depression and you need to talk to someone, there's always someone ready to listen at 1-800-273-TALK. You're not alone.

Source: IGN

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