Thinks ‘Battlefield Hardline’ Maligns Tea Partiers

Battlefield Hardline is taking a bit of heat today in Conservative circles for using imagery and language that some insist is meant to malign members of the Tea Party. An article on conservative-leaning publication has concluded that the inclusion of the Gadsden flag (a popular symbol of the Tea Party, according to the publication) and the tone of the criminals in the game (who are clearly racist, based on the dialog) is a projection of what the developers think the Tea Party is all about.

"The political posturing on display, however, is sure to turn off some gamers," Breitbart writer Noah Dulis concludes. "Whether the sequence shown at Gamescom is simply a one-off encounter or indicative of more partisan messaging yet to be revealed, its inclusion in the first demonstration of the game’s singleplayer storyline is sure to make conservative gamers wary of what other surprises may await them in the finished product."

While the complaints seem like a stretch, the story managed to get linked on popular conservative destination the Drudge Report today, which means that a lot of Conservative eyes will likely read the story.

Battlefield Hardline has taken plenty of criticism from other circles too; some think the militarization of police forces in the game is offensive – particularly in the wake of what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri this week.

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