‘Fat Chicken’ Pokes Fun at the Horrors of Factory Farming

Sometimes the best way to convey the abhorrent behavior of some industries is to make fun of it in an overblown way. That's the goal of Fat Chicken, a game that puts all the evils of factory farming in the game as important gameplay elements.

The game is being developed by Relevant Games, who are trying to get it approved on Steam Greenlight. Relevant Games, who describe it as a "tower-offense game" where players run a factory farm and use all the "tricks of the trade" to get the most profit out of raising animals for food. Those tricks include the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, horrific housing, and more in the name of maximizing profits.

The game is set to amuse (and likely offend those who don't understand the motivations of its developers) this fall. Watch the video to your left to hear more from Relevant Games on why they are making this game in the first place.

We can't wait to see how PETA responds to this one…

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