Poll: What Should ‘Night Trap’ Have Been Rated?

Hey, remember those Senate hearings back in the 90s that bemoaned violent games like DOOM and Mortal Kombat that ultimately resulted in the establishment of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board?

No?  Well, back in the 90s, there were Senate hearings that bemoaned violent games like DOOM and Mortal Kombat that ultimately resulted in the establishment of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.  In addition to the aforementioned games, another poster child of video game depravity was Night Trap, a full-motion video game released for the Sega CD in 1992.

They said it was violent.  They said it was gory.  They said it was chockful 'o sex and nudity.  They said a game where the purpose is to stalk and kill young women is a scourge to decent people everywhere and had no business being sold to children!

They obviously never played or even saw footage from the game.

Twenty years later, an HD version of the infamous FMV title is looking for $330,000 on Kickstarter.

On a lark, I looked up Night Trap on the ESRB's website and learned it was rated M for "Realistic Violence."

Apparently, no one at the ESRB played or saw footage from the game either.

So, dearest readers, the poll this week asks what you think Night Trap should have been rated back in the day.  Do you agree with the ESRB's M rating or do you think another would have been more appropriate.  Vote in the poll and let us know what content descriptors you'd use in the comments below.

Come back here Saturday night at 6p PST when EZK and I will live stream the next episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.  We'll reveal the results of the poll and discuss a bunch of interesting topics.  You can even chat with us live!  Fun, eh?

See ya Saturday!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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