Konami Shuts Down Fan-Made ‘Metal Gear’ Remake

A fan-made remake of the original Metal Gear game has been shut down by Konami, according to Metal Gear Informer. The shutdown of this project comes months after the publisher initially gave its blessing to the project. The remake was being developed by mod team Outer Heaven, who promised a recreation of the 1987 MSX and NES game. Konami gave its blessing with the condition that the remake was not sold for money.

However, a statement from the team sent to Metal Gear Informer states that the project has now been scrapped following instructions from Konami to end it.

"The project has been shut down by Konami," an email sent to the site read. "Seems that they all couldn't agree on the project going ahead."

The mod team also revealed that David Hayter was on board to voice Snake, and had even recorded some lines for it. It posted a work-in-progress trailer showing a rough cut of scenes yet to be animated, complete with Hayter's dialogue.

You can check that out on YouTube.

Source: CVG

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    Sora-Chan says:

    If they weren't going to sell it, then that was a douchey move on Konami's part. Heck they probably could of waited till the end of the development, asked for a beta build, and then consider selling it themselves, and give the devs a good sized cut.

    The only thing that I can think that might of triggered this kind of response from Konami would be the inclusion of David Hayter. Usually, actors/voice actors aren't allowed to play their characters on non-licensed work without permission. But that seems more like Konami would be going after him instead of the whole project. Or maybe they did go after Hayter, and the group just felt defeated after losing him.

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