UK WOW Subscribers Getting a Rate Hike

Blizzard has revealed that when the next expansion for World of Warcraft is released later this year, subscribers in the UK will have to pay a slightly larger amount for their monthly subscriptions. When the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft releases this November, the game's monthly subscription fee will increase to £9.99.

"We regularly look at our pricing around the world and from time to time we make changes in light of local and regional market conditions," writes a Blizzard rep in this forum thread. "As such, we want to give everyone a heads-up that we will shortly be adjusting the pound sterling subscription price of World of Warcraft."

"The new price for recurring subscriptions will be £9.99 for 30 days, £28.17 for 90 days, and £52.14 for 180 days. The suggested retail price of the 60-day prepaid time card will be £20.99."

The good news for those who have no intention of letting their subscriptions expire is that you can lock in your current monthly fee for up to two years. The only catch is that if you make any changes to your subscription or let it expire then you will be stuck with the new price.

You can learn more about the changes here. The price increase seems to be only aimed at UK players.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    I doubt WoW will go Free2Play no time soon. Fact is the game still sells more and has more subs then any other MMO out there. 

    It might be a dinosaur but the mechanics of the game appeal to the casuals and even though MMORPGs are released geared to the Hardcore Elite they really don't sell. SWTOR is the only recent game that was marketed to casuals but during launch and months after catered to the Hardcore Elite or minority of the gaming community which caused 2 million to instantly flee.  

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    For a ten year old game the need for raising prices is greed. If anything Activision is prob trying to appease the shareholders and instead of making better and new content they are just going to raise the prices. So this might be good news for investors and shareholders it's going to go downhill from here because as WoW loses subs then investors and shareholders will lose money when the news another two million have left the game.

    Sometimes pleasing Investors and Shareholders isn't a good thing. Take Two has proved that well when Shareholders sent Take Two a strong message by selling because Rockstar was taking to long working on titles and had worked to long on GTAV but for those who did not sell just imagine how much money they made when GTAV was released and became the fastest selling game in history.

    A gaming company and throw out a rinse and repeat of last year but eventually people will stop buying.

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    Sora-Chan says:

    To be fair, subscribers have been paying the same amount for 10 years now. And that is the price that they had been expecting to pay till the game gets shut down, or goes F2P.

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