Arbiter Orders Bungie to Return Stock to Marty O’Donnell

August 19, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Bungie has to return the founders’ shares in the game studio that it took away from former music and audio chief Marty O’Donnell, according to a ruling made in an arbitration proceeding.

According to GamesBeat, the arbitrator said that Bungie made a mistake when it stripped music and audio chief Marty O’Donnell of his founders shares in the game studio. O’Donnell created the musical score for Halo, and directed the voice acting for the series. He did the same for Destiny, but he left the company this spring.

O’Donnell filed an arbitration claim against Bungie and its chief executive Harold Ryan. The arbitrator, retired Judge Sharon Armstrong at JAMS, Inc. in Seattle, granted O’Donnell’s request for a preliminary injunction restoring his founder’s shares in Bungie.

Bungie still has the option to appeal.

In a separate case, O’Donnell sued Bungie to recover unpaid wages related to overtime and other compensation. He was awarded $95,000 by the court.

GamesBeat has more details on the story - including the ruling from the court here.

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