‘Flappy Birds’ Creator Releasing New Game This Week

The second game from Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is called "Swing Copters," and will be released later this week. Nguyen removed Flappy Birds from the Apple app store and Google Play earlier this year over personal concerns that his game was "too addictive." He recently re-released the game on Amazon's Fire TV device. Nguyen also received a lot of unwanted attention from the media in his home country of Vietnam, which scared him and his family.

Swing Copters features a similar art style and the same kind of punishingly difficult gameplay featured in Flappy Birds; this time players contros a small creature with a propeller that they control to avoid obstacles and environmental objects.

Whether it will be as addictive or as popular as Flappy Birds remains to be seen.

We will keep an eye on the charts after it is released to see just how well it does. We assume – like Flappy Birds – that Swing Copters will be a free game supported by advertising…

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