Report: Activision Wants to Get Into The Movie Business

According to this CVG report, Activision might be taking some inspiration from Microsoft (even though it is rumored to be dumping its studio business off to someone else) and considering building its very own in-house film studio. Presumably Activision would use some of its top franchises such as Call of Duty and Blizzard's properties (sans Warcraft) to create movie adaptations.

According to sources cited by CVG, Activision's movie studio would run much like Marvel's studio operations, creating films and television series – instead of farming them out as licenses.

The Warcraft movie would not be part of the deal; the Warcraft film is currently slated for theatrical release in 2016 and is being directed by Duncan Jones, who is best known for his work on Source Code and the excellent film, Moon.

Source: CVG

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