‘Save Trees – A Game for Social Cause’ Now Available

Zabuza Labs has launched "Save Trees – A Game for Social Cause" for Android-based devices, a simple game that offers a message about conservation and protecting the environment. The game promises to entertain with simple gameplay mechanics while delivering a "social message" and educational information on trees.

In the game players deal with two characters: Orima and Arimo. For all intents and purposes Orima is the "bad guy" who cuts down trees with a chainsaw, while Arimo is the "good guy" who waters those same trees. The simple goal of the game is to use the touch screen to "tap" Orima (to stop him) while avoiding Arimo. The game ends if when you tap Arimo three times.

"Global warming, climate change these are some very serious concerns that we, all the living beings are facing," says Manas Gajare, Zabuza Labs founder. "At Zabuza Labs we asked ourselves what we can do about it. We are good at making games. So here it is – a small effort from our end to raise awareness of saving trees among people. This is the first step towards much larger vision of using games for social cause."

You can find the game for free on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

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