Sucker Punch Hit With Layoffs

InFamous developer Sucker Punch has laid off an undetermined number of employees, according to what Sony Computer Entertainment America (the parent company of the studio), has told IGN UK.

SCEA would not give an exact number, but did confirm that there has been a "reduction in workforce." The company also did not disclose the reasoning behind the layoffs.

"Sucker Punch is appreciative of the tremendous work team members contributed to the Infamous and Sly Cooper series, and wishes them the best in their next endeavors," the statement added.

Sucker Punch is known for creating the Sony first-party game series InFamous, and the Sly Cooper series. It was acquired by SCEA in 2009.

Source: Gamasutra

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    They made a really bad game about a yuppie fighting the power with Infamous Second Son beanie and everything with a bunch of flair.

    They sort of went against the grain on what the customer wanted. They were smart enough to ditch the effort to redesign Cole's look and voice into a Yuppie after massive backlash but you could see they direction they wished to go in was different from there customers. You can make games for yourself or those who appeal to select few but don't be suprised when your games don't sell out and your forced to rely on Kickstarters because your ideas don't sell.

    When a studio gets bought out by a major publisher that studio no longer considers the customers those who buy the game but rather the publishers who publish there work. When a studio loses sight of who they are making a game for don't be shocked when your Sugga daddy cuts you loose. 

    Studios were bought because they made games that appealed to there customers the problem is many studios get lost in the shuffle now and instead of making a game for profit that you know people will like these studios are now making "art" that only they and a few other people get. 

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    IanC says:

    This is worrying. They released a critically acclaimed and commercially well selling game, and still get hit by lay offs?

    Is this going to be a Square (SPIT) Enix situation where they had ridiculously high sales expections?

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