Report: Xbox One Will Soon Offer 24-Hour Game Trials

Who needs a demo when you can allow consumers to play a game for an extended amount of time and turn that experience into an actual purchase? According to this Reddit screen grab after the latest Xbox One system update, Microsoft is trying out 24-hour trials with a select few game titles.

Max The Curse of Brotherhood was one of the titles available to download under the label entitled Free Play Day with Gold.

An Xbox rep. said via brief tweet today that an official statement on this new feature will be announced shortly.

Some companies like Redbox claim that the conversion rate from game rental to full purchase is incredibly high. While we're not inferring that Microsoft is eyeballing Redbox's data to make its decisions on how it gives gamers access to game trials/demos, some might argue that it makes more sense than the traditional method (limited demo releases which takes developers' attention away from working on the full product).

We'll have more information on this story when it becomes available.

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